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Sitewide traditions include having a Goldschlager Toast when we meet in Real Life.

We enjoy toasting to "Al Gore - for inventing the internet".

Blue Ajah

Blues enjoy serving brownies at Real Life events.

Blues official alcoholic drink is Baileys.

Blues have the option to adopt a s'redit after Aspiring.

Brown Ajah

All visitors to the Brown forum are given a pet dust bunny to keep. They may name the dust bunny whatever they wish.

All Accepted in the Brown forum are given a comfy chair.

The Brown Ajah gifts each newly raised Sedai with a Brown Journal. Browns sign each other journals when they meet up at Real Life events.

Gray Ajah

Grays like to hit each other in the face with pies at Real Life events.

Gray Aspirants are gifted with a baby animal upon Aspiring, chosen by her fellow Aspirants, and are called Graytlings.

Green Ajah

Greens give each other mardi-gras beads when they meet up at Real Life events.

Greens have invented an alcoholic drink called "Balefire"

Greens informally "share" their Warders. "When it's raining outside, you grab an umbrella by the door... you don't worry about whose it is."

Red Ajah

Reds also like to serve brownies at Real Life events, but they call them, "Reddies"

To see more Red Ajah Traditions, visit the Red Ajah Traditions section of the Red Ajah HQ!

White Ajah

Whites like to blow bubbles.

Yellow Ajah

Yellow's official alcoholic drink is Mudslides

Dai M'hael

DM's like to follow "The Plan".

Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb

MDD's like to come up with alternate wordings for "MDD" "Maddeningly Defiant Derelicts" is a popular one.

San d'ma Shadar