Prophet of the MDD's Mighty 7

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During the Days of Darkness when there were but three Companies of TarValon.Net, it was Foretold that a new Company would come to shake the pillars of the Heaven and Earth. And so it came to pass that Sataere the Cruel, Bale the Unforgiving, Sunri the Sly, Darim the Magnificent, Gwynidon the Hateful, al'Cary the Cunning, and Jahem the Indomitable rent the fabrics of reality and formed with their adamant hands, a new creation. It was a Company like none other. It was MDD.

There is but one Company and Maeric Kelskaith, called the Burninator and Voodoo Needler, is its Prophet.

A true prophet's prophet, Maeric is a swanky fellow.

Though not a member of the Mighty 7, his application to the Company was one of predestination. Evaluating his merit and faith, the Mighty 7 inflicted upon him a grievous test of testicular fortitude during which he was sorely taxed. He felt their touch of ancient anger and the claws of undying sorrow. Recounting his trial, he was heard to say, "“The darkness took me, and I strayed out of thought and time, and I wandered far on roads that I will not tell. Naked I was sent back-for a brief time, until my task was done. And naked I lay upon the mountaintop. I can't really remember why I was naked or how I got on the mountaintop.”

Being the Prophet of MDD, Maeric has been endowed with a life that is an epitome of success. He was born under the pale light of the full Wyoming moon and the jackalopes sang in jubilation at his coming. He meteorically rose to become a facade of integrity for his intransigent Company. Each of the different phases of his life provide examples for anyone who wishes to emulate it for righteous living. The Prophet's character is naught but a paragon of virtue, a model for all men and a mannequin for all women.

At one particular Anni, Maeric's sacrosanct character and his regard for truth and honesty won him the epithet of "Burninator" from his compatriots and those in attendance for submitting the MDD Awards unto the cleansing flame. His supernatural skill in the occult art of Voodoo Needling, what he lovingly calls "Pinmanship," has dominated many in the ranks of the Tower including those within its very Adminstration.

Some say that he is a Lich and his life force is bound up in a magic phylactery. Some say that he's the only non-asshole of MDD. Some say "who is he again?" No one really knows for sure.