Nazar Kurenin

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Nazar Kurenin is a Malkieri who adopted the Kandori ways after Malkier fell to the Blight. He was a baker, not a solider (ToM, Ch. 24).

He was a jut-nosed man with short-cut hair, a forked beard and marks of the hadori that the years had not quite erased.

He is around seventy(NS, Ch. 15).

He was ready to follow Lan and fight for the Malkier (NS, Ch. 16).

When he learns Lan is going to fight, he joins him, putting the hadori' back on (ToM, Ch. 7).


"Old Kurenin wept when he heard her speak. All ready to carve Malkier out of the Blight again." (Ryne; New Spring, Chapter 16).