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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Mandevwin is a Captain of Mat's Band of the Red Hand from Cairhien. He is stocky with gray streaks in his hair and a patch covering his left eye.

He joined the Band in Cairhien, but has fought Tairens and Andorans before (KoD, Ch. 37). He has a developed sense of honor and is not happy when Mat invents a back story for him in which he abandons a sick aunt (TGS, Ch. 34).



"'I remember times we were outnumbered, with enemies on every side, and he danced the Band around them. Not to slip away, mind, but to beat them. Beautiful battles.'
'A beautiful battle is one you don't have to fight,' Mat said, more sharply than he intended. He did not like battles. You could get holes poked in you in a battle. He just kept getting caught in them, that was all. Most of that dancing around had been trying to slip away." (Mandevwin to Teslyn and Mat's comment; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 27)

“Can't I go with a story that makes me more honourable” To Mat, The Gathering Storm, Chapter 34).