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The TarValon.Net Library is a part of the greater community of TarValon.Net, and is run solely by members who volunteer their time. Visit the TarValon.Net forums to participate in our community!

It is our goal to provide fans of Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time” with accurate, comprehensible and extensive information on the series. It also serves our members with information on TarValon.Net's history and as a base for our community groups' headquarters.

Because the TarValon.Net Library includes information from all books in the series, including the prequel “New Spring” and the guidebook “The World of Robert Jordan’s ‘The Wheel of Time’”, it is advised that those not wishing to encounter spoilers use caution when exploring the Library.

The Library has been separated into a number of different main categories, which can be found listed on the index. There is also a search function.

Learn more about our Library here!

A Memory of Light

The library is currently in the process of completing the updates for A Memory of Light. Those wishing to avoid spoilers entirely should also avoid the Recent Changes page.

The Wheel of Time

The pages about the series.

Contains information on people, places, objects and concepts found in the Wheel of Time Books.

Summaries Other Articles
Character Summaries Geography
Chapter Summaries History
Book Summaries Society and Culture
The One Power
Glossaries Prophecies
Comparisons to our world including Old Tongue Dictionaries


Pages about the TarValon.Net community, including details of our history and current organisational structure, our community groups and our activities.

The Tower Our Members
This year
TarValon.Net Organisation Community Groups
TarValon.Net History Who's Who
Events and Parties Merit Badges
Admins and Staff Robert Jordan Memorial