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If you have created an account but have not filled out an application to be a Citizen, you are a Visitor/Guest of TarValon.Net. TarValon.Net is a non-profit organization incorporated under tax code 501(c)7 in the US and focused on providing opportunities for our Community Membership to adopt the ideals behind the concept of Servants of All while participating in a community based upon the series The Wheel of Time. We are not an RPG site, although we do use fictional names while communicating via the site and there may also be some light role playing (such as novices sweeping the Hall of Novices as a punishment or Aes Sedai pretending to balefire the landlord from Hades). These aspects are secondary to our purposes.

First things first…

Your identity here at TarValon.Net

Even if you never post more than 5 posts and never join our community, you are still bound by the rules pertaining to Pseudonyms, Avatars, and Signatures and our Code of Conduct. Please familiarize yourself with these guidelines.


Your avatar is your face here on TarValon.Net. As such, it must be unique and should not be in use by another member of the site. Your avatar must be human. It must be 200x200 pixels. As a Visitor, you are not required to use an avatar, though it helps our Community Members remember you more easily. Please view our list of avatars to see if the one you want to use has already been taken.


Signatures are the banners you can see under Community Members' posts on the boards and exist to give a little bit of information about the poster. They appear on the bottom of every post you make (provided you have selected the option in your profile to include your signature in your posts). There are basically two kinds of signatures: text signatures and graphical signatures. Text signatures are composed only of text and small smilies with no banner; you can have up to 10 lines of text as your sig. Graphical Banners must be *.gif or *.jpg and may not exceed 450x100 pixels. No animated or flash banners are allowed. There may be up to two lines of text in a signature with a banner.

Please view Pseudonyms, Avatars, and Signatures for more information.


Read the Membership Manual and stickied threads in the forums you can see, particularly Introductions. These resources will answer a lot of questions for you, as well as help you learn the guidelines that govern our community. When talking to a Senior Member, please use the appropriate titles (Gaidin/Sedai). Senior Members have to work hard to earn those titles, and they deserve all the respect you can give them. You don't need to use Junior Members' titles - Novice Vivianna or Accepted Dralyn, for example. Please be wary of posting spoilers about The Wheel of Time on the site, and use the book discussion forums provided.

Above all, remember to be respectful of everyone. Even though you are a visitor, you are still bound by our Code of Conduct.

Our Forums

As a visitor, you have access to Site Announcements, Ask the White Tower, Introductions, our book discussion forums, and our Wheel of Time news discussion forum. Please remember to be respectful and to address Senior Members by their titles. View our Posting Guidelines for more detailed information about guidelines involving posting on our forums.

Real Life Functions

There are currently five official TarValon.Net events and one conference:

  1. Fall Ball - Held in the fall in North America. Generally involves going to a tourist-oriented location and staying in a hotel. This event moves around the continent.
  2. Anniversary Party - Held in the spring in North America. Generally involves camping somewhere and lasts several days.
  3. Euro Party - Held in Europe, typicaly between August and October
  4. South Pacific Party - Held in the summer in the South Pacific when there is enough interest.
  5. JordanCon - This event is a conference at which TarValon.Net hosts a presence. JordanCon is the first conference centered around the works of Robert Jordan and is held in April every year. TarValon.Net does not run this event; we use this opportunity to gather together and enjoy each other's company while recruiting new members and supporting the only conference based upon the series that brought us together.

As a Visitor of TarValon.Net, you are not eligible to attend our official real life functions (or, in the case of JordanCon, to stay with the Tower block) unless you attend as the guest of a Community Member.


We have three official chatrooms in IRC. Before entering one of them, please view our Chat Guidelines. If you're having trouble accessing IRC, please view our IRC Help page.

A couple of things are key to using our chatrooms. Please use your TarValon.Net pseudonym while in our chatrooms. If a person in the chatroom has "Sedai" or "Gaidin" in their nick, please address them with their title. Respect is paramount; all participants (including visitors and guests) must follow our Code of Conduct while you are in our chatrooms.

What's the next level?

As a Visitor, the next level is Citizen. To become a Citizens, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the Citizen application.
  2. If you haven't done so, create an account. Please register with the pseudonym you'd like to be known by in our community. Please view our Who's Who for a list of names currently in use by Tower members.
  3. Post at least 25 posts so that we know you're here to stay for a while. Make sure one of those posts is an introduction in our Introductions forum!
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from the Mayor. Reply to it and be sure to include your profile link. (You can find your profile link by clicking your account name in the "Who is Online" list at the bottom of the message boards main page. Then copy and paste that web address to the confirmation e-mail.) If there is something you need to fix with your application (such as a name outside of our regulations, etc.) then you will also receive an e-mail with instructions on how to fix it. After the Mayor has received your reply and you have 25 posts, you'll be added to the Citizen usergroup, allowing you to see more forums.
  5. Be patient! All of our applications are processed by hand, so sometimes the process takes a little longer than others. If you haven't heard anything within seven days of submitting your application, please send an email to the Mayor and inquire politely as to the status of your application.

What are some of the perks of being a Citizen? You are eligible to attend our official real life functions, and you'll be able to see a lot more forums, both of which mean you'll be able to enjoy our community better. Citizens are also eligible to enter the Tower as Novices or Recruits. As a Citizen, you'll also start being eligible for some staff and administrative positions.

Answers to some frequently asked questions

Q: I just signed up for an account. What does it make me?

A: It means that you are a Visitor, with all of the privileges outlined in this document.

Q. The avatars seem different today--I can't recognize anyone! What's going on?

A: You are now experiencing your first free day/week. Avatars may change for special events or may be altered for special holidays (eg Valentines, Christmas, Feast of Fools, etc). Notices will be posted before each feast day in our General forum (which you cannot see unless you are a member) with information on what changes are allowed.

Q. Are there separate applications for forum membership and Citizenship?

A. There is no application to join our forums; you simply create an account, introduce yourself, and start posting! However, your ability to participate will be limited, as you will have access to a limited number of forums. To become a Citizens, you must first register and follow the procedures as outlined above.

Q. Why am I not on the Who's Who?

A. The Who's Who contains information on Tower members; once you progress past the rank of Citizens, you will appear on the Who's Who.

Q. Who is my membership administrator?

A. The Mayor is in charge of all Visitors, Guests and Citizens.

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