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While we are not an RPG, all Community Members are invited to have one identity that they use for their Tower dealings. This should be made up of a first and last name that have the sound of a name that could be from The world of the Wheel of Time. These identities must be of the same gender as you identify in your life. You cannot have a name of a character in the books, first or last name, unless that character was based on your real life name. You may not give yourself a title you have not earned (such as Aes Sedai, Gaidin, Lord or Lady, Master or Mistress), and names must be different from the names of current Community Members (no exact duplicates). Only Community Members who are related in real life or are married may share the same last name.

Changes to pseudonyms must be approved by the Director of Membership. Please state in your email the reason you would like to change your name. Changes are usually approved only when a compelling reason is presented. If your name change is approved, the Director of Membership will notify you.

For a listing of pseudonyms currently in use, please see our Who's Who. This list includes Junior and Senior Members, not Citizens or Resident Citizens. We have worked hard to make this list as comprehensive as possible, but long-absent members may not be included.


Avatars, or the images we use on our message boards and in the Who’s Who, must not currently be in use by an active Tower Community Member. Avatars must be chosen carefully as changes will only be allowed with a compelling reason. Only *.gif and *.jpg files will be accepted as avatars and must be 200x200 pixels, with a maximum file size of 50kb. Animated avatars are not allowed. Community Members must have the artist's permission to use an avatar if the image is not in public domain. It is solely the user’s responsibility to obtain the artist's permission, and TarValon.Net does not take responsibility for any avatars used by its Community Members. If it is brought to the attention of the administration that a user is using an image illegally, the user will be asked to comply with the wishes of the artist. Avatars should be human and tastefully done. Photographs of real people are not allowed unless it is a photograph of yourself. Broad frames bordering avatars are not allowed.

Changes to avatars of Community Members of the Tower must be approved by the Director of Membership. In your request for change, please state why you'd like to change your avatar and include links to both the old and new avatars. In cases where the artist has changed the permission policies for his/her art, changes will be automatically approved. Otherwise, changes require a compelling reason and may be denied. If your change is approved, the Director of Membership will notify you and will make an announcement in Site Announcements about it. While Citizens are allowed to change their avatars prior to becoming a novice/recruit of the Tower, it is not something that should occur frequently. Many of our Community Members rely on avatars to tell people apart easily, and switching avatars frequently confuses many Community Members.

For a fairly comprehensive listing of avatars currently in use, please see our library. This list only includes Junior and Senior Members, not Citizens or Resident Citizens, and some very long-absent members are not included, but it is as complete as can be made.

Here is a short list of places to find avatars:


We have a few guidelines in place for the signatures that our Visitors and Community Members use on our forums. These guidelines were effected so that our boards can load in a reasonable amount of time for those Community Members who have slower internet connections and so that Community Members can follow threads easily without having to search through signatures. Signatures must not be excessively wide, nor should they be excessively long or possess flashing logos or scrolling text. Banners must be *.gif, *.jpg, or *.png files and may not exceed 450x100 pixels. There may be up to two lines of text in a signature with a banner, no matter the size of the banner. Text-based sigs shall be no more than 10 lines. The use of a few small, personalized emoticons is allowed. Lines including emoticons count for 2 lines, unless the emoticon is on the same line as your signature banner. Please use your discretion with signatures; crude or offensive signatures may be asked to be removed. Relationships not officially recognized by TarValon.Net as familial relationships (such as e-spouses, near-siblings, etc) are not allowed in signatures.

Hosting for Avatars and Signatures

Avatars are currently housed via your Member Home on our main site. To upload your avatar, click on the Edit tab in your Member Home and scroll down to the Upload Picture box. Avatars over 50kb or different dimensions than 110x170 pixels will not be accepted. This avatar will show up in your profile, in the Who's Who, and on the forums.

Hosting your signatures is your responsibility. If you would like to host your images yourself, there are several options. Many people have their own domains and webspace now; if you are one of those people, you can use your own space to host your images. If you do not have your own domain and webspace, there are several websites that will allow you to host your images for free. Please be aware that Angelfire, FortuneCity, and several other websites do not allow remote linking, which means that your images would not show up.

In the event that you do not wish to host your images yourself, there are several Community Members who are willing to host images for our Community Members. This is in some ways easier than hosting it yourself, but it does mean that you are at the mercy of someone else. To ensure that your images are not lost forever, please make sure to save a copy of each image you have hosted by someone else on your hard drive.

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