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What is the Department of Moderators and Operators?

This Department takes care of all of our community moderators, primarily those forum moderators who do not hold their positions because they are part of another Department, and our chat operators. S/he also works with the Director of Membership on problems that occur on the forums and in chat.

What are the duties of this Department?

The Department Director handles all issues that may occur in forums that the position moderates and in chat. S/he also handles all staffing issues.

The Master/Mistress of Chat assists the Director in handling the technical aspects of chat.

Forum moderators within this Department handle the moderation of General, Frivolous Fun, Mafia, Discussion Halls (Hand Crafts, Fine Arts and Literary Pursuits, Current Events, Education and Employment, Gaming, Tech Talk, Health and Fitness, Home and Garden, Sports Fanatics), The Olde Warder and Hen, and The Wheel of Time discussion forums.

Chat operators monitor our chat rooms and ensure that our guidelines are being followed. They also provide the Department Director with logs of any incidents that occur in chat.

Emails within this Department

Department Director

Master/Mistress of Chat

Mafia moderators

Chain of Command

Flow chart detailing the chain of command for the Department of Moderators and Operators

Moderarators Feb 28 2015.jpg

Concerns regarding the actions of a chat operator or moderator should be directed to the Department Director. Technical concerns regarding chat should be directed to the Master/Mistress of Chat, and technical concerns regarding the forums should be directed to the appropriate staff member/administrator in the Department of Technology. Any staff member or administrator within the Department wishing to retire should contact the Department Director. Any other concerns should be sent to the Department Director. If the Department Director is unavailable or does not respond in a timely fashion, then you should contact the Keeper. Please give everyone ample time to respond before moving up the chain of command.

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