Euro Party 4th edition

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By: Nairah Tarak in the Tower Parties Forum on the Old Boards

This Euro Party was my first Tower function, and I was so nervous to go there by myself, since my Warder couldn't come as planned.

Well, we all arrived in the cabin safe and sound, even though planes were late and Moah missed his train. Early Saturday morning, everyone were there. It was so much fun to meet everyone, even though I was a bit shy in the beginning. I'm so amazed that everyone accepts everyone unconditionally. Our cabin was great, beds for everyone and a nice lake nearby. Of course we swam in it! And it wasn't *that* cold after a while, therefore we swam across it.

We were divided into two teams and then we played games and gathered points. It was really fun because I don't think I ever had played any of those games before. Lots of laughter. Hehe, Roshen and Ehlana were pied by Yenie, the Gray Ajah had asked her to do so. They were so surprised and we've got great pictures of that.

On the Saturday we all went to Liseberg, a big amusement park. We managed to ride the two biggest roller-coasters before the rain came, lucky us. And then it rained all day, A LOT, and we were all soaking wet but that was fun too. In the end, I didn't really care about it.

I had a great weekend, and I missed everyone terribly much when I sat alone on the train back home.