Department of Moderators and Operators

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The TarValon.Net Membership Manual contains additional information on this topic.


This Department takes care of all of our community moderators, primarily those forum moderators who do not hold their positions because they are part of another Department, and our chat operators.

The Department is currently led by Kelgan al'Moranwin.

Programs within the Department


Main article: The Forums

TarValon.Net has a number of forums visible to all users. The majority of these are moderated by the Department of Moderators and Operators.


We have several chat rooms


The Department was created at the 2007 Admin Meeting

Positions with the Department

Main article: Department of Moderators (Positions)

The Department currently has one administrator level position, moderator for the Mafia Forum. Staff positions are Chat Operators, Master of Chat and Forum Moderators.