Brown Bulletin February/March 2018

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Editor: Yarrow Al'Vare

Note from the Brown Mind

And so, another edition of the Brown Bulletin has come. Spring has finally sprung in the Northern hemisphere, at least where I live, but I understand that it’s taking its sweet time on the rest of the continent. If you are somewhere in the world where winter is holding on for dear life, I hope this bulletin brings some measure of warmth and springy joy into your life! If you are lucky enough to be basking in the warm sun and laughing at the cold parts of the world, I hope this acts as an amusing diversion for a few minutes. Really, wherever you are, I hope you enjoy this bulletin. It's a long one, so off we go!



Please join us in congratulating Tallan Daar, who has recently aspired to the Brown Ajah! We are so happy that she has chosen to call Brown her home! Emote-joy.gif


Brown Birthdays

The February and March birthdays of our Sisters, Warders, and new Aspirant! Happy Birthday all! Emote-joy.gif


Brown Outs Ahead

"Lost my debit card in the car. Dug around to find it. Found it. Got annoyed by the trash. Gathered it up. Got back in the car. Realized I lost my debit card somewhere in the car."

"Put water on the stove for tea and promptly forgot about it until half an hour later my husband got home and asked why there was an almost empty pot of boiling water on the stove. Oops."

"I walked to the grocery store yesterday and took my umbrella with me because it was threatening to rain. I stuck my umbrella in the bottom of the cart so would be out of the way while I shopped. It wasn’t until this morning that I realized I had left my umbrella in the grocery cart. Emote-facepalm.gif I got it back in the end."

The 10th Anniversary of Suzanne Day


Since this year marks the 10th anniversary of Suzanne Day, I thought it would be appropriate to do a write-up in honour of this most illustrious holiday.

What is Suzanne Day?
Suzanne Day is the birthday of Brown sister Sela Narian, RL name Suzanne, which is on February 15th. The holiday season begins as soon as Valentine’s Day paraphernalia starts appearing in stores and ends on February 15th.

How is this day celebrated?
There are many ways to celebrate Suzanne Day. You can enjoy your favourite dessert, watch your favourite movies and TV shows, and listen to your favourite music. Reading your favourite books is very important during this time of year. Other ways to celebrate include being anti-social, reading Greek plays, and completely forgetting to wear Suzanne Day signatures.

OK, but… why?
All right, I hear you say. I understand when this holiday happens, and I get how to celebrate it, but why? Why is this even a thing? It makes no sense. In her own words, here is Suz’s explanation of the holiday: "Suzanne Day was named in my honor to celebrate my birthday for weeks on end. My birthday is February 15. It's no better or worse than anyone else's birthday, so it's only called Suzanne Day and takes place around my birthday because I established it, rather like claiming the Latin name of a new species of rattlesnake when you stumble across it upon being cast into the desert like Moses and you just kicked a rock because you're pissed and hungry. THIS IS MY RATTLESNAKE. It is loud and showy and less deadly than it wishes.”

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!