Bel Tine 2011

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Bel Tine 2011 took place between March 18 - 27.



Apple to Apples Winner: Bandasar Delvkanash

Creator of our winning Sunday signature: Sikozu O'men

Creator of our winning Sunday Faire Ground Fairy avatar: Hanajima al'Cere

Finalists in the Bel Tine photography contest: Aryawnah Federov, Sikozu O'men, Taelinn Dolivras

Chick Hunt Winners: Enya Tawarwaith, Avendaella Tikvah, Anwynn Nevain

The Winners of the Epic Group Triathalon: White Ajah

The Winners of the Matrial Guild Hunt:

Those who answered the Healers' quiz correctly: Enya Tawarwaith and Anwynn Nevain

Innkeepers' Cooking Contest: Siusane al'Cuyler

Artisans' self-portrait contest: Aavyn Eirinon

Group Theme Competition: Brown Ajah

Most Artistic: Blue Ajah

Most Entertaining: Red Ajah

Outstanding Participant: Novices