3rd Anniversary Party - Darian Coralis's Review

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By: Darian Coralis in the Tower Parties Forum on the Old Boards

LOL Wow.. The weather... Wet.. No other word Just wet

Alright.. When Derrin, Ninya, and Alenya *hopes he got it right* picked me up it was good.. Fun and we had a great time.. Met Adolla, Bran, Bran's husband *sorry not sure of your name.. Brad?? :/*, Kara, and Ban.

The trip out there was full of laughs and stuff.. Until Chicago Traffic.. That sucked.. Then we got lost.. So of course me being 1 of the Tower's scapegoats.. It's naturally my Fault.. :p

We get to the Camp ground, hug everyone, check in, kick Morni *I wish :p*

Dinner time.. Hamburger was cooked Vegetables were burnt :|

Then we had announcements and stuff.. Gleeman Contest!! Me, Wil, and Ban representing SDS as The Stable Rats. We joined forces with the Browns to advance to the next round then beat the Browns to advance to the last and final round.

Time for bed.. OR so I thought.. Laid down in the tent and was falling asleep and the Tent started to cave in. *too much water on it* Moves to the Raina's Cabin and laying on the floor.. And it turns out everyone's tents were flooding so me with out thinking runs out there short and a t-shirt yes with my shoes as well. Pulling everyone's stuff out of their tents and stuff.. and getting soaked.. Which I never minded.. it was fun.. til the next morning... waking up shaking like I was in a massage chair. LOL

Breakfast after that.. and chit-chat Then Daria and Sera telling me to go back to bed.. *slept 3 hours in 48 hours. And after them threatening to get Mother on me. Slept.. Missed the Dancing, sword fighting, and stuff.. wake up in time for dinner.. Chicken.. *drools*

We did the toast. :D I wish I said more in mine *shrugs*

Slave auction: Ninya and Ban both went for 300 dollars :O Kati went for 225 :O it was fun and a lot of laughs.. Warning: NEVER go against Derrin for Ninya YOU WILL LOSE

Gleeman competition final.. Were songs.. Yes I sang :p.. Even though I can't.. We wrote a good song.. A love song. And I was the beat.. I used something that would be better as handcuffs and I beat it on my leg.. LOL Rhuarc, Bakure, and I THINK Alanar did a drinking song.. It was funny.. They won.. They deserved it.

To think SDS and love songs.. But they were right sounded more like a battle song. lol

I won Best Soldier Project :D

I had a blast! I can't wait until I can do it again! *dances around*

Ok done.. :p