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== Current Project ==
== Current Project ==
* Archiving [[May 2016 Tar Valon Timees]]
* Archiving [[May 2016 Tar Valon Times]]
* Archiving [[February 2016 Tar Valon Times]]
* Archiving [[February 2016 Tar Valon Times]]

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Hello, you have reached the desk of Kyla Sterling, Head of the Blue Ajah and Assistant Editor of the Tar Valon Times. I'm not in my office right now; I'm either plotting world domination or... no, that's probably it.

If your need is urgent, I can be reached via PM on the boards. Otherwise, please leave a message on my talk page and I'll get back to you!

Current Project

Upcoming Projects

  • Creating "Fun Stuff" Category page and cataloging accordingly
  • Creating "Book Review" Category page and cataloging accordingly
  • Archiving older issues of Tar Valon Times
  • Working with Kerna Sedai to make Tar Valon Times (Archive by Author) look better/take up less space/be more data friendly
  • Other things as I think of them
  • Other things as Mai thinks of them

Finished Projects

Thank you for stopping by!

These are pieces of code I'm tired of having to look up because I haven't memorized them.

<*div style="text-align: center;"*>

Putting two colons (:) before something tabs it

Actually, I have a feeling this page in general will come in handy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:User_page_design_center/Style#Center-Align