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The Tar Valon Times is the Official Blog of TarValon.Net and is run by a dedicated team of writers, artists and creators. The Tar Valon Times covers all areas of interest to the TarValon.Net community. Everything from Wheel of Time series content and analysis to creative pieces centered around the world created by Robert Jordan. As well as community news, interest pieces and member spotlights. The Tar Valon Times also covers Real Life content of value and interest to its members and the extended community. With the upcoming Wheel of Time television series just around the corner, the Tar Valon Times also covers all the latest news and information, as well as opinion pieces and theories about the upcoming series. You can visit the Tar Valon Times Blog for more information and to read more about the Wheel of Time, and our wonderful community here at TarValon.Net. New posts are made every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

History of the Tar Valon Times

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The Tar Valon Times Takeover

The Tar Valon Times Takeover began in November 2020. During the first week of the month (from November 2020 - December 2021) each membership group at TarValon.Net will be given the opportunity to showcase themselves, their work (inside or outside TarValon.Net), their favourite artists/books/memes, and much much more. The goal of the TVT Takeover is to give groups the opportunity to share a bit of who they are as groups and individuals and present "their" TVT to the readers of the Tar Valon Times, both within TarValon.Net and beyond.

Logo3.png Behind The Tar Valon Times

Editor of the Tar Valon Times

TVT Staff Biography

The Tar Valon Times Editor is responsible for the publishing of the Tar Valon Times, and all content within. They also guide and manage both the staff within the team and guest writers from within the TarValon.Net community.

Aleita has been a member of TarValon.Net since 2006. She was raised to Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah in 2009. Aleita has served as a staff member for the Tar Valon Times, Outreach Activities Team, City Council and the Department of Community Outreach. She has also served as a moderator, a Sitter in the Hall, Mistress of Revels (South Pacific), and has taught in the Classroom. Aleita has served her Ajah as Heart, Head Green Monkey, and as a Green Monkey and Ibis. Aleita hopes that through her work as Editor of the Tar Valon Times that she can foster an engaged and motivated team who will help bring the Tar Valon Times to a wider audience. Aleita became the Editor of the Tar Valon Times on September 1, 2020.

Assistant Editor of the Tar Valon Times

The Tar Valon Times Assistant Editor is responsible for writing, proofing and archiving for the Tar Valon Times. They also help to support the TVT Staff Team in the creation of their pieces.

This position is currently vacant.

Tar Valon Times Staff

TV.Net Logo

The Tar Valon Times operates within the Department of Marketing. Alongside the Department of Marketing and its Director (Alenya Al'Roran) the Tar Valon Times is the external face which represents TarValon.Net to those outside the community. TVT Staff Members are eligible for the Reporter Merit (Silver and Gold) based on how many articles/art pieces they create for the Tar Valon Times not the amount of time served.

Whether you are a reporter, creative writer, artist or reviewer the Tar Valon Times staff has a place for you. Applications to join the Tar Valon Times staff are always open and have no set terms of service. If you are interested in contributing please contact the Editor via email at editor@tarvalon.net.

All current TVT Staff Members are listed alphabetically. For more information about the current TVT staff and their published work, check out their TVT Biographies (Coming Soon!).

See Tar Valon Times (Staff) for a list of all current and previous staff.

Guest Contributors

The Tar Valon Times is lucky to have a host of Guest Contributors. Those members who have contributed recently are listed below. All members of the TarValon.Net community are invited to contribute to the Tar Valon Times either as a member of the Tar Valon Times Staff or as a Guest Contributor.

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All content published on the Tar Valon Times is archived here to the Tar Valon Times Archive. This months articles are linked below.

Tar Valon Times December 2020

Archived Tar Valon Times Content

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Every post made for the Tar Valon Times is published with a banner made by the Department of Marketing, Graphics Development Team.

Check out the Full Gallery of Tar Valon Times Blog Post Banners.