Shaoman 2011 Monster Mash Match Up

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The Matches

Partner Partner
Belgareth Kiarc Malein Basolaine
Roheryn Galghandhrei Vella Redawyn
Sarramy DiLuna Pol Rohanson
Jeffan Caliarthan Theolyn Maryash
Arista Belak Keladria Tulin
Loraella Melodie Hanajima al'Cere
Avendaella Tikvah Areandara Zukari'th
Imzadi Hopewind Kazayha Ahzkaan
Atreyu Aduiavas Ida
Mhor Blathnaid Loreniel Killan
Stephen Lightheart Cealestis Lumen
Nandi el'Shahir Enya Tawarwaith
Melisande Arneil Skaya Tristian
Sa'areah Britthorn Neityva Dehion
Morrighan Daghdera Isarma Maracanda
Kerna Shedrian Karcea Deargen
Etain Cerulian Gollaith Sang'real
Tomeina Raieese Kytheria
Laralelle Susandrea Siusane al'Cuyler
Rehtaeh al'Navi Taelinn Dolivras

The Questionnaire

  • Choose One:
    • Honey
    • Sugar
    • Neither
  • Which Sentence do you agree with the most?
    • I'm a morning person.
    • I'm a night person.
  • Where would you rather live?
  • Which do you prefer?
    • Comedy
    • Action
  • Where would you prefer to go on vacation?
    • Somewhere with lots of sights to see and things to do.
    • Somewhere exotic and sunny.
    • Anywhere I can sit back and relax.
  • If you were repainting your bedroom would you paint it:
    • Something bright and happy.
    • Something cool and calming.
    • White is just fine.
  • Breakfast is:
    • The most important meal of the day.
    • Not necessary - I'm never hungry in the morning.
    • I never have time for breakfast.
  • Which do you prefer?
    • Tea
    • Coffee
    • Neither
  • If you could have one of these superpowers, which would it be?
    • Invisibility
    • Flying
    • Super strength
  • What do you like most about Shaoman(/Halloween)?
    • Coming up with the most original and scary costume!
    • All the candy of course!
    • Nothing in particular, it's just nice with something that brightens up the fall darkness!
  • You're invited to a masquerade, what would your outfit be?
    • A beautiful fairy princess, maybe from a Disney movie
    • Something cool! A monster, troll, orc, you name it
    • The most odd I could think of, maybe an air balloon? Or a stump? Or a trash can?
  • Do you prefer to work alone or in a group?
    • In a group, I love chatting and cooperating with others while working
    • Alone, can't trust others to do the work right or to not be bothersome
  • Choose a classic element.
    • Earth
    • Air
    • Fire
    • Water
  • I prefer to spend my time...
    • Hanging out with friends- it doesn't matter what we're doing!
    • Entertaining myself- I read, play video games, watch movies.
  • Choose One:
    • The Beatles
    • The Rolling Stones
  • Choose Another One:
    • Ebook
    • Audio Book
    • Regular Book
  • Would you rather:
    • Be stuck in an elevator with someone you really hated?
    • Have a tooth extracted?
    • Hold a tarantula?
  • Overall, are you...
    • A pessimist.
    • An optimist.
    • A realist.