Shaoman 2011 Ghost Story Round

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Contributors include Jeffan, Imzadi, Pol, Bryher, Enya, Narysse, Keisha, Karcea, Gollaith, Halosia, Charis & Lyara.

It was a dark and stormy night. A wind blew through the night, howling through the branches like a chorus of hungry banshees. "Narg scared,"'s giver of Nameday Greetings whined to himself as he trudged through the blustery Shaoman night.

Narg stumbled and fell, but brought himself back up again, and saw a run-down mansion. Narg had heard the stories that his mommy-Trolloc told him, but he knew that there were wolves out this night in the forest, and he was scared. He started off towards the mansion.

Suddently Narg heard a weird noise behind him...

As Narg turned to spy the source of the noise, he tripped over a tree root, rolled down an incline, and came to rest under a foot bridge....

Under which, lived an ugly troll. "Hey, you're not the three billy goats," the troll said to Narg. "Beat it, kid!"

Narg was hurt by this statement of rejection, he wanted the horrible troll to like him. "I'll show him!" Narg though to himself. "I'll show him what a horrific beasty I can be!"

Narg wasn't scared of an ugly troll - he knew that he wasn't the most attractive trolloc, and he wasn't intimidated by this troll's ugliness. "NARG NO SCARED OF TROLL," he bellowed at the troll.

The troll just laughed at him. "Is that the best you can do? :rofl" Narg growled and stumped away, trying to come up with new and creative aweful things to show the stupid troll

Narg walked a little away from the troll and found a wicked stick and turned back "Narg got stick, troll scared now!"

The troll ran.

Narg see the troll running away and says: "Narg scary, I am great" and starts walking toward the manison...

He approaches the gate guarding the mansion, and sees that it's locked If only Narg had axe, Narg would make lock go BOOM, he thought to himself. He sat down in front of the gate and did the thing he feared most - thought about what to do.

Narg tried to think, but it was really hard... Tried some more and thought "how to get an axe?"

"I suppose the best person to see would be a blacksmith!" Narg clapped his paws together, pleased at his cleverness. He wrapped himself in a spooky black cloak and went to find one.

The only problem was... Narg didn't know what a blacksmith was.

Narg scratch head and heads to the village, perhaps people there can tell Narg what a blacksmith is...

The spooky village loomed in the distance. It was amazing to Narg that he hadn't seen it before. Walking off toward it, he started singing a song about finding a blacksmith...

Narg walked and walked and walked, and then walked further than far. "Something must be wrong with the ligh" he thought. "It was much farther to this weird village than I though"

And Narg walked some more to the village while singing "I'm going to find a blacksmith, lalalala. And the blacksmith gonna make me an axe, lalalala" and finally after 1 hour of walking, Narg came to the outskirts of village...

The village, like all villages in these parts, was walled. The guards had seen Narg coming, of course, and greeted him with spearpoints thrust very near his face. "What's this, a Trolloc so far from the Borderlands, and alone?" one sneered at Narg.

"Would you like a pretty, second mouth?" another threatened. "You don't even look like a Trolloc to me", a third one laughed, "more like a ugly wench born by a Trolloc!"

"Narg is beautiful, no matter what you say!" He turned away from the three rude people and walked off towards the mansion. He didn't need an axe or hammer to break down a gate - he was a trolloc, and he was going to do what trollocs did best - SMASH.

And so Narg smashed. And Smashed. And SMASHED!

But the gate didn't break. Narg SCREAMED in frustration, wondering why he wasn't strong enough. Laying down on the ground to cry, he saw something shiny to his left...

"What's that? There's something shiny on the ground", Narg though to himself. With some difficulty, he bent down to pick it up

Seeing that it was a silver penny, Narg jumped up and down for joy, thinking he was the richest trolloc in the world. In his joyous fit, he crashed into the gate and it broke into a thousand tiny pieces of silver. Narg gasped, and quickly set about to picking up all of the pieces, thinking about how he'd buy his mother a nice trolloc castle when he got home.

But poor Narg was so preoccupied with picking up all the shiny silver things that he never noticed the shadow creeping up on him...

The shadow soon resolved itself into one of the things Narg feared most: a bunny rabbit. But still, Narg couldn't see or hear the rabbit, and kept on picking up the pieces of silver.

The shadow came alive in the form of a bunny. Picking up a piece of the silver it starts stabbing Narg repeatedly in the foot.

This was no normal bunny, it was a Killer Bunny! The bunny rabbit crouched down, ready to pounce. Narg still hadn't noticed he was no longer alone...

Being ignored by the trolloc, the killer shadow bunny runs up Narg's pantleg and begins gnawing on his leg

Narg screamed and jumped up, dropping all of his pretty silver on the ground. Furiously, he clawed at his leg, hoping to pull the thing hurting him off.

The killer shadow bunny finds something long and soft....sinking it's teeth in deep it hangs on for dear life

Narg screamed louder, and rammed his crotch into the ground repeatedly, hoping to kill the thing biting him.

The killer bunny got fed up being hitted all the time, so the bunny jumped of the leg and started singing a weird song...

Always look on the bright side of Life! Just before I'm gonna give you another BITE!!!

And then, the bunny scampered off, leaving Narg alone with his bloody dangly bits and his pieces of silver, laying down in front of an empty, scary mansion, seemingly unconscious.

Long did Narg slumber, dreaming dark nightmares and darker nightmares! When Narg finally woke from his encounter with the bunny Narg was no longer in front of the mansion.

whats this?, Narg thought to himselft

"Where did I go! NARG SCARED!" he shouted at the darkness surrounding him. Just as he was about to curl up in a ball and cry, he was a tiny speck of light, no bigger than a distant star, in his periphery. He rushed off toward it.

The pinpoint of light rapidly grows bigger, coming towards Narg until it suddenly engulfs him

And suddenly, Narg grew joyous - no, that didn't describe it properly. Narg knew that this was trolloc heaven. Suddenly, a voice boomed in the distance, "No, Narg, it is not yet your time. You must return to the world of the living." Narg opened his mouth to speak,

Narg smart, Narg stay right here

"Unfortunately, no, Narg. You're needed in the world of the living. I will heal your wounds, but there is a treasure that you must find in the mansion. Only you can find it, Narg, for you are... the Chosen One."

"The Chosen One?" Narg replied and scratched head...

"Yes, Narg, you are The Chosen One. You must go back to the world of the living to fulfill the quest set before you." Narg opened his mouth to speak, but the booming voice interrupted him, "No, Narg, you must go now!" A vertical slash appeared next to him, expanding into a gateway, leading to places unknown. "NO," said Narg, "KNIFE DOOR BAD, KNIFE DOOR KILL NARG." The Creator got tired of Narg's complaining and pushed him through.

Narg screams in pain as the 'knife door' slices him eternity later, about 4500 years in the past....Narg feels the pain receeding, his body seems quite intact, and finds himself looking out upon a barren, primative wasteland. "Where....? Where is Narg?"

"The proper question should be, 'When is Narg'" A lovely lady with blue hair and silver eyes stands over the trolloc.

"Who you, Blue Lady?" Narg pleaded at her, "Narg tired of this! Narg just want to go home and sleep!"

but he knew that if he went home, she would follow him. then he had a cheerful thought, maybe the monster under his bed would scare her away!

Narg looked around for a bed to take a nap on in hopes that his Monster Under the Bed would find him and save the day

Narg thinks he might find a bed in the mountains that he see far far away from where he is...

But decides thats too far to walk so he climbs a tree and sleeps there instead. The wind howls around him ominously..

The monster started climbing up the tree as Narg hung there, sleeping. Up up up it climbed, closer to Narg with every grip.

The monster sat next to Narg and poked him in the ribs. Narg woke up and looked around confused and then focused at the monster. Then Narg...

cried out "OH NO!!!!! It Narg's monster! You supposed to stay under Narg's bed!"

He ran as fast as he could screaming incoherent threats as he went.

Than Narg remembered that he needed the monster to scare away the Blue Lady. So Narg stopped and turned around to face the Monster.

"Narg need you," he said, trying hard to feel as brave as he hoped he sounded. "Narg need you to help him."

The only answer was the wind, rustling the leaves all around him. 'Narg in trouble now' he though to himself