Saying Farewell

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Author: Taelinn Dolivras, November 2014

It feels strange to be sitting here at my computer, writing this article. I knew the time would come eventually, but what with all the happenings lately (and many of them on the site too!) the day has sort of crept up on me. This is my last editorial.

Wow, that sounds so morbid.

I could be optimistic and say that maybe someday I'll be writing another one, but that would presume a lot of things, including our new editor getting tired of being editor. And I have to admit, even though I'm moving on, I never once got tired of being Editor of the Tar Valon Times. It's a fascinating job, one that is always the same yet always different. There are new articles to write, new people to interview, new reporters to encourage and showcase... yet it's the same publishing set-up every month, the same long hours spent proofreading (though I still miss things - I am only human!) and coding and double checking layouts.

So here I am, writing my last editorial. Perhaps I should have tried to find something meaningful and touching to write about today. I should be writing about beginnings instead of endings: the beginning of a new era under a new editor, perhaps. Or a new start to the site with our recently-revealed Amyrlin-Elect. But sometimes it's nice to sit back and reflect on an ending, and a happy one at that, because I had a wonderful time working with the dedicated TVT reporters and the great Graphics Development Team and Marketing staff.

I'm not leaving the TVT - though you can't really pry a website from someone's cold, dead hands, I do feel like channeling Charleton Heston here when I say that I'm planning on writing for the TVT until they take away my computer - but like the passing of time, change is inevitable, and it is a good thing.

So farewell, dear readers. I hope you've enjoyed the occasional editorials I've shared over my time as Editor. It's been a blast.