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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Rhamdashar was one of the nations of the Free Era. It was located in the northern part of the Westlands, and was one of the then Borderlands. It's northern border was actually in the Mountains of Dhoom, though not as far in as Aramaelle's before the Trolloc Wars. To the southeast was Hamarea, with Ileande to the south, unclaimed land (and, further on, Tar Valon) to the southwest, and Elsalam to the west. Eventually, this area of land became what is now Shienar and, once, Malkier.

Rhamdashar was one of the most powerful nations of the Free Era.

By FY 963, Rhamdashar had fallen to Artur Hawkwing.

Lan's lineage dates back to the time of Rhamdashar, and further, to the time of Aramaelle.

(Reference: The World of Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time"; New Spring, Chapter 16).