Randland Travel Advisor: The White Crescent

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Author: Dreia Raieese
Published: October 1 2020 Tar Valon Times Blog

Out for a jaunt through Randland? TarValon.Net’s trusty travel advisor gives you the good, the bad, and the braid-tuggingly awful!

The White Crescent Review.png

The White Crescent is no more than a half hour’s stroll from the docks to the city walls, with the inn a mere fifty paces inside the gates. The innkeeper, Cavan Lopar, tries to keep a clean establishment and made visible his disapproval of the mud still clinging to my boots from the docks (though he made no mention of it). He was quick with a smile and very helpful when getting situated.

The room was what you might expect: a bed, some hooks, and a window. Nothing stood out in a good or bad way. Dinner was the best part about the place: a spicy fish stew that really hit the spot. The spiced wine was nothing to write home about. Dinner plus a gleeman and his lute made for a perfect uneventful evening!

Overall: A decent, no frills establishment.

(The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 49, “A Storm in Tear”)