Randland Travel Advisor: Easing the Badger

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Author: Dreia Raieese
Published: September 10 2020 Tar Valon Times Blog

Out for a jaunt through Randland? TarValon.Net’s trusty travel advisor gives you the good, the bad, and the braid-tuggingly awful! Easing the Badger Review

Easing the Badger Review.png

The Perfumed Quarter is an interesting place. The scent makes it impossible to miss. I nearly turned around, but curiosity got the best of me. How could an inn so highly recommended be in this area? I finally found it, and was pleasantly surprised. The exterior was picturesque: a beautiful two-story stone building with a light green tiled façade, and an amusing sign with the inn name above the entrance. I arrived close to dinner time and was greeted by a young lady dancing and singing some tunes I didn’t recognize. I always appreciate an inn with night time performances.

The innkeeper, Nieda, a delightful Illianer, helped me get situated in my room. I hadn’t expected much, but was pleased to find a wide, soft bed and windows that let in a fresh sea breeze. Only the scent of the harbor reminded me how hungry I was from traveling all day. I was told the red-stripe here was a must have, and indeed, it did not disappoint! I wolfed down two with a bowlful of peas. These were perfectly seasoned and cooked! If that wasn’t enough, the room livened up as the young lady continued her dancing and song.

One odd thing, though. I decided to tuck in early for the night and just as I laid down, there was a huge commotion that couldn’t have lasted more than five minutes. I peeked down to the common room to see that an Ogier and a small group of travelers had roughened up some other travelers. It’s bound to happen, I suppose, but in the morning, it was business as usual, if just with a few less chairs and tables.

Overall: Great food, better entertainment, just watch your back.

(The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 42, “Easing the Badger”)