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The Old Tongue was the language during the Age of Legends It began to be replaced by the common tongue sometime after and now is known only to scholars, though nobles are expected to learn it ({NS, Ch. 2 and most do know at least a few words. (TSR, Ch. 2) It was written in a script with more letters than the modern tongue, some representing dipthongs (October 2nd 2005 Robert Jordan's Blog) and few can still read it. The fall in useage was not completed for many years and up to Artur Hawkwing's time, many people still knew it. During the time of the Compact of the Ten Nations, it was in fairly common use (WH, Ch. 21).


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Modern Useage

Non of the current nations still use the Old Tongue in everyday speech, though the Aelfinn and Eelfinn still do (TSR, Ch. 15)

The Westlands

The Aiel

The Seanchan

  • a'dam: Leash
  • Atha'an Shadar: darkfriend
  • damane: Leashed one
  • Marath'damane: Those who must be leashed
  • sul'dam: Leash holder
  • da'covale: One who is owned
  • da’concion: “the Chosen Ones” (The Forsaken)
  • se'cair: Golden Eyes
  • sei'moseiv: lowered eyes (one who has lost honor)
  • sei'tair: Level eyes
  • soe'feia': Truth speaker
  • so'jhin: Height among lowness