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Author: Lyara Tieran


Hello! After a long trip across the Aeil Waste to Shara, I have returned and bring to you a new edition of the Merchant's Review!! Lusara Chadmir here, telling you all about a few different sites based on World Travel that you may or may not have seen. Of course, if you've seen them, you should have been taking advantage of them already.

First is a site I love to look at called Lonely Planet. I think the curators of that site have been to the Waste with that title! highlights multiple destinations for every type of travel you might be considering. Going on a family trip? Check out their "family travel" section. It's got how-to travel guides on everything from surviving a city trip with kids to banishing back-seat boredom. (Up for a game of spot the broken wheel?) Or are you ready for a trip to the ocean to see the beaches and wonder at the monsters of the deep? They have a "beaches" section to help you decide where and when, and how to fix a sun-burn. (This section does have some images that are like being in the streets of Cairhien during the Feast of Lights, viewers be warned). But most importantly, this site has a "bookings" section that lets you plan and book your ultimate trip from how you're getting there (Travelling, anyone?) to where you're staying (no wondering if the local Inn still has a room for you). They have adventure tours, travelers insurance for when you loose your bag or a highway-man takes it as his own, sight-seeing tours of places like Greece (I think that's down by the Stone), and even cart rental!

The next site is called Travelzoo. This website has a few specific deals every month, like a Hawaii cruise, hotel, and tour they are promoting for Aine. Hawaii is an island out in the middle of the ocean, like going to the Isles of the Sea Folk. They also have links to find and book last minute trips, a gift guide that lets you pick something special for friends like a 3 day house-boat escape on a lake. I'm not sure building your house as a boat is a great idea, but apparently people want to visit it if you do. Prices on this site are generally 25-90% discounted!

Finally, a site that is focused on those of you who want to sail around the known world on a big boat. is a website that lets you pick a cruise on all the major cruise lines. They have deals that are last minute, meaning they depart within 60 days, up to cruises that aren't departing for 2 years!! Why you'd want to wait that long is beyond me. By then you could have ridden a horse around the known world, no need to sail around it. Destinations include Alaska, Asia, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and even Nova Scotia. All the cruises that are 5 nights long have travel insurance included in them, so if you decide not to go or the cruise is cancelled for some reason (Rebirth of the Dragon not included), you get part of your crowns back.

Well, since we are talking about travel, I thought I'd let you know that Shara is getting weirder by the season. I'd love a chance to see past the walls of one of the trade cities. Oh well! Better to not have seen and still have my head!

Lusara Chadmir, signing off! Happy Shopping, Tar Valon readers!

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