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Your name should be made up of a first name and a last name, both of which should sound as if they came from The Wheel of Time. They should not match the first or last name of any of the characters in the books. Your name should also match your gender and should be the same name that you put in your citizen application. For more information, see Pseudonyms, Avatars, and Signatures.

How do I register?

When you have clicked on the ‘register’ link, and then clicked on the appropriate link on that page, a form will appear on your screen. On this form, make sure to type your info into all fields marked with an asterisk (*). The info you need to enter is:

  • Username (first and last name, preferably the same as in your citizen application)
  • E-mail Address (a valid one)
  • Password
  • Password (for confirmation)
  • Confirmation code (type in the code in the above image. If you can’t see it, contact support for further instructions)
  • Location (this needs to be a real location, your country will do)

Upon hitting submit, you have to re-enter some of your info, and you have to activate the humanizer;

  • E-mail Address (re-enter valid e-mail address)
  • Password (re-enter password)
  • Password (re-enter for confirmation)
  • Confirmation code (again, type in the code in the above image; it will have changed this time around)
  • Humanizer (change it from ‘no’ to ‘yes’)

Hitting submit this time, your form shall have been accepted, and a confirmation e-mail sent to your e-mail inbox. You will need to click on the link in that email to activate your account and be able to post.

What to do if I don’t get the confirmation e-mail?

First off, make sure to look for it in your spam folder. If it isn’t there, contact support, give a brief explanation of the problem and make sure to include the full username that you registered with.

How do I change my name?

If you are a citizen and need to change your name either to match the one on your citizen application or because the Mayor has told you you need to change it, send your request to the Director of Membership. Make sure to include both your full current username, and the one you are requesting it changed to.

For older members that have been around for a while, the process is slightly different. Your name change need to be approved by the Director of Membership. For further information about this, see the Pseudonyms, Avatars, and Signatures.

How do I add my avatar?

Before you add an avatar, you must first make sure that you can legally use it. That means that you either have permission from the artist, the artwork is in public domain, or the artwork otherwise falls under the Fair Use Act. Once the legalities are out of the way, then you may proceed with adding your avatar to the boards.

First you need to make sure that your avatar is hosted somewhere. Second, you need to make sure you are logged into the message board. Click on the 'profile' link, located on the left menu on the forum pages, and scroll down till you get to the part that says 'Link to off-site Avatar'. Paste/type the url to your avatar into the appropriate box and then click on 'save changes'. Your avatar should be up and working at this point. Note that the size of the avatar must be exactly 110 pixels wide by 170 pixels tall, and that only .gif and .jpg image are allowed.

For more information on avatars and how to host them, see the Introductions forum. For more information about avatars in general, see Pseudonyms, Avatars, and Signatures.

How do I add my signature?

Make sure you are logged into the message board. Click on the 'profile' link located on the left menu of the forum pages, and scroll down till you get to the part that says 'Signature'. Here you can type in a text-based sig or you can link to a graphical sig. The text-based sig may not exceed 10 lines. The graphical sig must not be bigger than 100 pixels tall and 450 pixels wide. It needs to be hosted beforehand, and you need to use bbcode image tags for it to show up:


You may also use the html center tag to center your sig:

Sig here

Note that only .gif and .jpg images are allowed.

For more information on signatures and how to host them, look at the stickies in the Introductions forum]. For more information about signature guidelines, see Pseudonyms, Avatars, and Signatures.

What about font colors, sizes and other font-related things

When creating a new topic or posting a reply to an existing topic (or when sending a private message), you have a lot of font-related tools at your disposal. These can be found below the subject box and above the main message (or message body) box. The easiest way to use any of them, is to write something, highlight it, and then click at the appropriate tool. You can also click on the tools beforehand. If you do it that way, some of them (the font-color tool and the font-size tool) will generate both the beginning tag and the closing tag, and you will have to type your text in between the two of them. The rest will generate the beginning of a bbcode tag, and when you're done typing the text you want to format, you will need to either click on the same tool again, or click on the 'close tags' link, also located where you found all the other tools.

How does the PM system work, exactly?

PM is short for 'private message' and is a system that allows you to send a private message to another user, similar to email. If you click on the link 'Private Messages' located on the left menu of the forum pages, it will take you to your inbox. Here you have access to three other boxes (sentbox, outbox, savebox) and there is a button ('new post') that allows you to create a new message. Clicking on the button will take you to a page very similar to the one you use when creating threads or posts, the difference being that you need to put in the username of the person you want to send your message to. You can not send a message to several recipients at once. This is partly to save the server from the extra strain, partly to protect the members from bots.

The different boxes work as follows:

  • Inbox - this is where your incoming messages are stored, both the read and unread ones.
  • Sentbox - this is where the messages you send to others end up when they have been read by the members you sent them to.
  • Outbox - until the messages you have written have been read by the other members, they will stay in this box.
  • Savebox - if there is a message you'd like to keep for a while, you can move it to this box.

The boxes are yours to moderate as you wish:

  • If you want to send one or more messages to the savebox, mark the little box next to them, scroll down and hit 'save marked'.
  • If there are any messages you wish to delete, mark the little box next to them, scroll down and hit 'delete marked'. This can not be undone.
  • If you wish to delete all messages in a box, scroll down and hit 'delete all'. This can not be undone.

What other stuff should I be aware of?

When posting urls, make sure they are not excessively long. If they are, please use the following format:

[url=http://url.goes/here.html]Description of link[/url]

Who should I contact if I have any questions related to the TarValon.Net message board?

You can contact support with any technical questions you have.

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