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There are many aspects of our community that work only because of our Community Members' trust in each other. The Hall only works if the Sitters and Councilors can be sure that their words are confidential. Our Community Members can only feel safe going to their administrators with issues that arise if they trust that their administrators will treat any information given with tact, diplomacy, and confidentiality. Our Community Members can only feel safe discussing things with each other if they know that their words will be kept amongst the group that they have shared them with.

But Community Members must also trust one another. They must trust that things they have posted in semi-private forums will stay private. They must trust that their fellow Community Members will not allow anyone to peek over their shoulders as they browse through forums.

Because of the trust that each Community Member must show in each other, Community Members should hold their information close at hand. Do not allow people to peek into forums they do not have access to by looking over your shoulder. Do not share information from restricted forums with people who do not have access to those forums. Do not share your passwords for any reason. Both of these are offenses that carry severe consequences, including banning. Using someone's account to access other areas of the site that you normally could not access or their files will also have severe consequences, including banning. Please remember to change your password at least quarterly. Admins are recommended to change monthly.

The other side of this coin involves personal information. While we are a community built upon our real life interactions with each other, that doesn't mean that we don't have to be aware of what information we share on the boards. Any information you put into text, in any forum, has the potential of falling into the wrong hands. Please be careful.

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