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What is IRC, and how does it work?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. Through the IRC network, people access chat rooms to talk in real time to people all over the world. It is split up into networks on different servers.

I've never been in IRC before. What should I know?

  • Users of IRC generally access it through a client program.
  • Chat room names start with a #. For example, the main Tower chatroom is called #wheel.
  • When a user joins, they are known by their 'nick,' which they may set by typing the nick command. Nicks used in Tower chatroms are usually Tower pseudonyms. For example, if Bela (that faithful horse renowned) wished to join chat, she would type (after figuring out how to accomplish typing):

/nick Bela This would give her the nick of “Bela.”

  • Chat operators exist to make sure that chat is running smoothly and that people are following guidelines. Chat ops have an @ in front of their nicks in the display list.
  • Private messages (PMs) may be sent between members one-on-one by double-clicking on the other person's name in the display list. A new window will be made, and you will be able to correspond privately (similar to using MSN or AIM).

What are our chatrooms?

We have three official chatrooms:

  1. Our main chatroom is #wheel, which is where general discussion occurs. It is our family-friendly chatroom and is our most active chatroom by far.
  2. Our “tavern” is located in #wanderingwoman, which is for members who are at least 18 years old. Adult topics and harsh swearing are allowed in this chatroom.
  3. Our scheduled activities and games occur in #oldewarderandhen. Topics that are asked to be moved from #wheel, such as politically charged discussions, should usually be moved here.

Accessing IRC and our chatrooms

There are two main ways to access IRC: through our java applet or through a program dedicated to accessing IRC.

To access IRC through our java applet, go to the appropriate page. Once the java applet has loaded, you'll set your nick and join the chatroom by typing the following:

/nick Bela

/join #wheel

If you'd like to join another chatroom, just type in the name of that chatroom instead of #wheel.

If you would like to have a means of accessing our chatrooms beyond just the basic java applet, there are several programs that will work:

  • Windows: mIRC, HydraIRC, Trillian, or ChatZilla.
  • Macintosh: Snak, Colloquy, IRCle.
  • Multiple platforms: Kvirc, XChat.

You can find a list of other IRC clients here.

Once you have downloaded and installed your preferred program, you need to set it up and connect. The network to connect to is SorceryNet. You may choose any server. Once you have connected to SorceryNet, you should set your nick and connect to the chatroom you wish to join.

Some basic chat commands

/join #wheel puts you into our #wheel chatroom.

/me shakes fist threateningly at TheDarkOne shows everyone * Nick shakes fist threateningly at TheDarkOne in purple text. This is performing an action.

/quit I am the true Nae'blis! takes you out of the chatroom with the message “I am the true Nae'blis!”

Other commands may be used through the Tower IRC bot, Bela. An IRC bot is a program/set of scripts which performs special functions in a specific chat room. Other commands are located at our IRC page, and typing !commands in one of our chatrooms will prompt TheDarkOne to supply this address for you.

Registered nicks

SorceryNet allows you to save your name on the server that you so that no one else can use your nick. It also allows you to get rid of “ghost” nicks, which occurs when your connection times out and you must re-enter chat. Should you wish to register your nick, type the following:

/msg nickserv register yourpassword youremailhere

If you log off of the server or change nick you'll have to ID yourself when you change back to that nick. To do this, type:

/msg nickserv id

More commands dealing with nicks can be accessed by typing:

/msg nickserv help

I'm having a problem in chat.

If you're having a problem, you should first contact one of the chat operators currently in the chatroom. They are there to help with problems, and they will know either what to do or where you should go for help.

Should a situation become chronic, you should contact our Master/Mistress of Chat and the Director of Moderators. Membership issues may be forwarded to the appropriate membership administrator.

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