Juilaine Madome

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien


Juilaine Madome is an Aes Sedai and Sitter of the Brown Ajah. She sided with Elaida and the White Tower Aes Sedai when the Tower split (TPoD, Ch. 26).

Juilaine was not the natural choice for a new Sitter because she was too young. However, she was handpicked by the head of her Ajah, which is not what normally happens when a new Brown Sitter is chosen. She is part of the trend of Sitters being too young for the position (CoT, Prologue).

Juilaine is tall and attractive with short-cut black hair (TPoD, Ch. 24).


  • 999 NE: Juilaine is elected as a Sitter for her Ajah (TPoD, Ch. 25).
  • 1000 NE: Although not mentioned, Juilane can be assumed to stand for Egwene to be raised Amyrlin.
  • 1000NE: She is no longer a Sitter after reunification


  • Juilaine has worn the shawl for less than seventy years (CoT, Ch. 18).


"I knew it... Saerin says that Juilaine was handpicked for the Brown, too, apparently not their usual way, and Doesine says the same about Suana, though she was hesitant about saying anything." (Seaine to Yukiri about Juilaine and Suana; Crossroads of Twilight, Prologue).

"Andaya Forae was raised for the Gray, Rina Hafden for the Green, and Juilaine Madome for the Brown. None has worn the shawl for more than seventy years at most. Elaida has the same problem we do, Mother." (Siuan to Egwene; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 18).