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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Jar Silvin is an Andoran soldier who, after retiring from the Queen's Guard, chooses to serve Gareth Bryne in Kore Spings. He has gray hair (TFoH, Ch12).

Although his name is not directly mentioned at the time, he joins Bryne on his chase after Siuan, Min and Leane (TFoH, Ch1).

He camps with the others about two miles from Lugard while Bryne rides into the capital with Joni Shagrin and Barim Halle. When they return and prepare to set off west, Bryne starts telling stories about what they might see before the end of their journey. Thad Haren wants to remind him of an incident with Morgase, but Silvin kicks his ankle before the Queen's name falls, because he knows that it was a touchy subject for Bryne (TFoH, Ch12).


“'Why, I hear you had a run-in with the Amyrlin herself once, and — ' Jar Silvin kicked [Thad] on the ankle, and he rounded on the younger man — gray-haired, but still younger — with a clenched fist. 'Why’d you do that, Silvin? You want a broke head, you just — What?' The meaningful glares Silvin and some of the others were giving him finally sank in. 'Oh. Oh, yes.'” (Thad wanting to mention Morgase to Bryne and Silvin's reaction; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 12)