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Author: Estyrien al'Halien


Janira was a Kinswoman and a member of the Knitting Circle. She was also a Wise Woman (Reference: ACoS Chapter 38).

Janira was greying and had high cheekbones and a hooked nose. She had dark, tilted eyes (Reference: ACoS Chapter 38). She was lean (Reference: ACoS Chapter 31).


-1000 NE: Janira is present when Elayne reveals that the Tower has always known about the Kin. She faints at the news (Reference: ACoS Chapter 31).

-1000 NE: Janira and the rest of the Knitting Circle escort Nynaeve and Elayne to the *angreal cache in the Rahad (Reference: ACoS Chapter 38).

-1000 NE: Janira is murdered by a gholam in the *angreal storehouse (Reference: ACoS Chapter 38).


-Janira was from Saldaea (Reference: ACoS Chapter 38).

-Janira reminded Mat of a hawk (Reference: ACoS Chapter 38).


""The Light shine on us," she breathed, hurrying to bend over Janira. One touch, and she straightened, wincing painfully. He could have told her the woman was dead. Nynaeve seemed to take the death personally." Mat and Nynaeve (Reference: ACoS Chapter 38)

"But he was never going to admire Melore's bosom again; Reanne knelt to straighten her limbs and close her eyes, while Tamarla performed the same service for Janira." Mat (Reference: ACoS Chapter 38)