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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Jalani is a Maiden of the Spear; her sept and clan are never stated outright, but it is a good guess that she is Codara. (See: Relationships, Dedric)

Jalani is somewhere around 16 years old. She still has a bit of baby fat in her face (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 1), and has green eyes (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 21.) and red hair. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 3.) She is the one of the youngest of Rand's Maidens. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 1.)


-Jalani helps guard Rand when Mazrim Taim arrives to speak with him. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 2.)

-Jalani goes to the farm with Rand and Mazrim Taim. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 3.)

-Jalani accompanies Rand to Tear, and then back to Caemlyn. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 4.)

-Jalani accompanies Rand to Culain's Hound. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 10.)

-Jalani accompanies Rand to the School of Cairhien. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 18.)

-Jalani accompanies Rand to Shadar Logoth. When Liah turns up missing, she winds up guarding Rand. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 21.)

-Jalani accompanies Rand from Cairhien to Caemlyn, and then guards Rand. She promises to let Aviendha know whenever Rand leaves. Afterwards, Rand is attacked by a Gray Man, and both she and Nandera are ashamed that they did not see it. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 28.)

-Jalani guards Rand when the Aes Sedai come to visit him. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 49.)

-Jalani accompanies Rand from Cairhien to Caemlyn. (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 7.)

Relationships with other Characters

Like all the other Maidens, Jalani is always ready to protect Rand, and is also ready to give her life for him. She is often part of the guard that accompanies him whenever he Travels, and she is also sometimes one of the two guards that Rand allows to follow him around when he is inside the palace. Jalani usually makes a point of giving Rand's sword a disapproving look, as well as making remarks about how his own two legs should be good enough for him, so therefore, he should not need a horse. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 18.)

Jalani and Dedric are interested in each other. Dedric is of the Jaern Rift sept of the Codara Aiel. As nothing is mentioned about the fact that they like each other is strange, it is safe to say that they are most likely of the same clan, though this is not certain.


"Wasting time?" young Jalani said in a too innocent voice, rewinding her shoufa and momentarily short hair nearly as red as Enaila's. "How can the Car'a'carn be wasting time? The last time I sweated as much as he is, I had run from sunup to sundown." - to the Maidens about Rand.(Lord of Chaos, Chapter 3.)

'As if for confirmation, as Rand turned to the door, Jalani briefly eyed Dedric up and down. Briefly, but with decidedly open interest and a smile. Dedric ignored her so intently he might as well have stared. That was the Aiel way, pretending not to understand until she made herself clearer. She would have done the same had he begun the looking.' -Rand thinks of Jalani and Dedric.(Lord of Chaos, Chapter 18.)

"I do not think she would have gone this far, Rand al'Thor. Not unless she was trying to get away from us, and she would not do that." - to Rand about Liah. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 21.)

"Men on the other hand," Jalani put in, "are very simple." - to Nandera about Rand. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 28.)

"I," Jalani said stoutly, "would rather be beaten by the first-brother of my worst enemy in front of my mother every day for a year." - to the Maidens and Rand about Sulin becoming a servant to meet her toh. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 28.)

'Jalani's grin widened openly. "Sulin has already gone running in her wetlander dress as fast as a gray-nosed hare that sat on segade spines."' - to Rand about sending for Sulin to help him prepare for the arrival of Aes Sedai. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 49.)

'With a laugh, Jalani snatched the hood down over his eyes. "Now you can be sure no one will know you, Rand al'Thor. You must trust us to guide your feet." Several Maidens laughed.' - To Rand and the other Maidens. (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 7.)