Camping in the Klein Karoo

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Author: Tyla al'Mere


After work on a Friday afternoon, we packed our car with tent, sleeping bags, and some essentials and drove an hour and a half away into the outer edge of the Klein Karoo. Just over the Outeniqua Mountains is a beautiful camping ground called Eagle Falls.


We arrived late in the afternoon. On on our way we stopped for take out so there would be no need to cook once we arrived. By 8pm the sun was down and we bundled ourselves up in our sleeping bags. The next morning we woke up with the sun. After breakfast we took a walk around the area. The Farm has some amazing hikes which we had planned to do, but unfortunately due to some injuries we decided to take it easy for the rest of the day.



Sunday was a lazy morning before the weather turned and it started to rain, at which time it was a mad dash to take down the tent and get everything into the car.

What makes camping ideal for my little family is that we don’t have to go far or pay a lot and we have a wonderful, relaxing weekend away. I recommend this kind of trip for everyone, especially people like us who have very busy schedules and little time to take leave. Camping can be as cheap or as expensive as you like. There are hundreds of cool gadgets for people who want them but you can also get away with the bare essentials like we do.

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