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Caiden is a member of the Kin who is with Elayne in Caemlyn. She is Domani and described as plumply pretty by Elayne ((KoD, Ch. 13).

It is likely that she is at the farm when Elayne and her party arrive (TPoD, Ch. 4) and that she Travels with the others to Andor when the Seanchan attack (TPoD, Ch. 6) and eventually on to Royal Palace (TPoD, Ch. 28). It cannot be ruled out that she was one of the Kin not at the farm at that time and had been found since.

Along with Alise, Kumiko and one other Kinswoman, she makes a gateway to one of the city walls to enable Elayne's soldiers to fend off an attack by Arymilla's forces (KoD, Ch. 13).