Avatar Makeover: Mendo Cath

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Author: Theolyn Maryash

20151222 Avatar-Makeover zpssiy3hhu4.jpg

This month, we felt particularly generous and we have decided to not only give a makeover to one lucky winner, but also to send that winner on a vacation to freshen up further.

That's right - we thought that all that hard work deserves a reward, and there are so many places to visit and things to see!

However, on the day of the departure, we have found our winner staring at the plan board, making last checks, his brow furrowed, and we could only imagine what was going through his head...

Could he really do it? Simply go on a vacation? What if time starts running differently for everyone while he's away? What if the signs he had set up break down and new visitors land on one of the old spots by mistake, instead of the new one? And worst of all... What if the Mysterious Devourer of Ultimas strikes again, leaving yet another Junior Member baffled and missing a syllable?

Well... We didn't say that a vacation could not be an adventure - who knows what answers can be found beyond the borders of the known? What we know is that Mendo Cath is now ready to look for them:



After, ready for travel:


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