4th Annual Fall Ball

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By: Vivianna L'antreau in the Tower Parties Forum on the Old Boards

Fall Ball Richmond was the first Tower event I'd been to that I could actually drive to! Originally I was going to have to make the drive (from DC) all alone, but in grand Mathei fashion, his flights had issues and he ended up arriving early Friday morning rather than Thursday, so I had company after all *grins*

We made it to the hotel about oh 4 or 5pm I believe (it's been a year so I'm trying to remember) and settled into our rooms greeting everyone and enjoying the company. Later that evening, we had opening ceremonies which was a bit different because the Amyrlin was unable to attend but still fun! We had our toast, I don't remember if there were any raisings, but there was a first sister ceremony for Zashara and Allin! After the ceremonies (in a room with no air conditioning!) we split off for dinner and fun, some people had mini-parties in their rooms, and eventually people slept.

Saturday began with people mingling in various rooms, then an expedition to a lovely chocolate shop that I can't remember the name of. Later that afternoon it was back to the hotel to change, then off to Williamsburg for dinner. My group got there just as things were pretty much shutting down for the day, but it was still neat to walk along streets that looked as though it was still the 1700's. Our dinner was in a private room at the Kings Arm Tavern I believe, where we ate by candlelight, were served traditional fare that would have been found in 18th century Virginia, and had a great time chatting with each other and having a wonderful time.

After dinner, we all headed back to the hotel to change into more comfortable clothing, and to continue the room party fun! We had a game of munchkin going on in one room, another was watching a football game, a third had music and special refreshments, and well you get the idea :P Eventually I got tired and decided it was time for bed.

Sunday we all got checked out of the hotel, then caravanned over to a breakfast type place since there wasn't an IHOP nearby and slowly said goodbye to people as plane times came about. I took someone to the airport but can't remember who it was right now...I feel rather silly about that actually! But I got them to the hotel, then drove back to DC all on my lonesome.

It was a fun weekend done in a slightly different style than the Fall Balls I had gone to in the past, but great to see everyone and spend time with them!